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Mountcristo is an unknown quantity at this point

The issue is reported by several sites :



pcgameshardware here and here


Rage3d here and here in a video comparison ..

and now : Guru3d and Tomshardware ..

The issue is not confined only to trackmania , but to a wide range of games , including Half Life 2 , The Witcher , Drakensang , GTA IV and Guild Wars .

It also includes shimmering , banding and most importantly flickering of textures .

Think about it : if AMD HD 5000 filtering was flawless , why would the company modify filtering in the new HD 6000 series ? if something isn't broken don't fix it , However filtering in HD 6000 was indeed fixed , but the fix isn't applied until you move to High Quality filtering settings .

PS : I posted this on a guru3d thread first ..