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Old 10-13-2009, 12:33 PM
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Default ATI's popularity wanes

I have been playing around with Google Trender or Google Insights for Search, which is great fun, and you can also see how interest for just about anything has changed over time.

If you search for ATI you get this waning curve, and Radeon gives a similar one.
You can see a slight increase in interest this last month, but it isn't much yet.

Nvidia on the other hand also have a waning curve, but not as steep as ATI's, GeForce gives a similar one.
Google's signal analysis predicts that Fermi will be released in December (or even November).

Since both Nvidia and ATI are losing their appeal, it seems that people are buying laptops to a higher degree these days, where they don't need discrete graphics.

I know Charlie worries about everyone's spying on people's interest in Naughty Nurses, and this is the sad state of the matter. Interest is way down.

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