HP show new white dual core DV2s

Dual core and white

YOU KNOW HOW the story goes, no sooner do you buy a laptop than the newer one is announced. The HP DV2 that we got last week was just supplanted by a dual core model.

Two times DV2

Dual cores almost make up for the Windows overhead

Yes, in a few days, HP will be offering their DV2 with not only a dual core Congo based CPU, but also a full blown Athlon X2. As you can see, the two laptops look, well, exactly the same. I mean exactly. If it wasn’t for the fingerprints, there was a 50-50 chance I would walk away with a DV2 that had The Broken OS on it. The horror.

DV2 in white

White is for X2

The X2 variant didn’t look exactly the same, it was steeped in fashionable white. In a flash of brilliance not usually displayed by computer manufacturers, HP made the screen surround black. Not only does it look good, but it also reduces eyestrain. Well done.

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