Intel buys Wind River Systems

Atoms get a great dev environment

INTEL JUST DROPPED a bombshell on the embedded world, they bought Wind River Systems today. This means Intel now owns one of the better embedded Linux development platforms and VxWorks as well.

The purchase, which is set to close this summer, cost Intel $11.50 a share or $884 million in total. This gives Intel a huge leg up in almost all vertical niches, from military to automotive and even consumer electronics. Intel can not only develop the hardware, but the software too, potentially allowing them to provide every part of the stack.

Don’t underestimate how much leverage this gives Intel, Wind River is one of a few companies that has a development environment this complex and complete. Atom now is not only a chip, but a whole package too. For the money, Intel got a good deal, and it is a very smart strategic move, fitting in well with their current ambitions.S|A

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