Gigabyte MIB is the best case of Computex

Innovative, unique, and functional

THERE ARE ALWAYS a few items at any show that stand out and deserve more attention than they get. With that, SemiAccurate brings you the Best of Computex series, starting with the Gigabyte MIB.

There seems to be an ever increasing number of case makers popping in and dropping out of the market. It is very hard to survive, much less stand out among this sea of cheap plastic. Differentiating is usually seen as matter of putting a plastic front on a case that rips off someone else or a current hot topic while costing $.14 less per dozen.

True innovation is rare at best, but really shines when you see it. Gigabyte’s MIB case is short for Monitor Integrated Box, and thankfully does not have a soundtrack by Will Smith. The idea is quite simple, put an articulated arm on a case, and have it become a monitor stand as well as a case.


the claw 

The claw, the claw!


Most monitors have a standard set of mounting holes, so the MIB should work with most modern flat panels. Gigabyte says that they will take anything from a 16-24″ monitor, that covers almost anything currently on the market.

The model above is called the T5410, and it is the biggest of the line. You should be able to pick one up in the middle of July give or take a bit, but you will have to look for them. The MIB line is aimed at system builders, so they will more than likely end up with a brand sticker on them instead of on a store shelf.


Two more MIBs and something odd


The next two are the the T3140 on the right and the T2140 on the left. The T3140 is a traditional SFF (Small Form Factor) system, while the T2140 is an Atom box. What makes the T2140 interesting is that the Atom is a Pineview, so it is ‘next generation’, and the CPU is likely soldered down.

As you might guess, the arms on MIBs have a wide range of motion, even allowing the monitor to lie flat and lock down for display purposes. You can position them from vertical to horizontal, and everything in between. The T2140 also swivels left and right, ending up with more degrees of freedom than some people have fingers.

In the end, Gigabyte did something rare, they made something that no one else at Computex had, and it is useful. Many companies have one or the other, but rarely does anyone do both, which is why it is the SemiAccurate pick for best case of Computex. Coming in at a close second is the Thermaltake *DEEP SIGH* Level 10.S|A


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