Apple to Nvidia: Don’t let the door hit your *ss on the way out

Not worded that nicely though

WORD HAS REACHED our tender ears that Apple has shown Nvidia the door, very unceremoniously. Several people who are familiar with the ‘negotiations’ are saying the language tended to be a bit harsh.

Not nvidia HQ

A picture is worth at least 74 words

The word is that Nvidia is out of Apple designs, starting with the Nehalem laptops and iMac type things. We are told the arrogance and bluster of Nvidia proposals were greeted with a response that, paraphrased, said, “Go away and don’t come back for 3-4 years if you are still around as a company. Lose our number, and if you do call, we will laugh at you again.”

Actually, that wasn’t how it happened, the conversations we were told about were not nearly that nice, and involved far less friendly words. The 3-4 years bit was true, the rest was far more forceful. Why? Start out reading this.

Ever seen a less delicate corporate phrasing of corporate love? I wonder if Apple buys the line about Nvida not coming clean because their partners don’t want them to? I don’t think they buy the NV line about the ‘not a problem’ being confined to “[Nvidia’s] previous generation MCP and GPU products used in notebook systems” either.

In any case, that Apple page keeps changing, the warranties are now up to three years, and the disclaimer at the bottom is new too. Good for Apple, they seem to be the only ones attempting to protect their customers over the Nvidia bump scandal, Dell and HP sure as heck aren’t. Think about that when making your next purchase.

Because of Apple’s long design cycles and even longer wait for dual core Nehalems, the aftershocks of bumpgate took a bit to become clear. Now they are becoming very clear. I wonder who will be next?S|A

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