Nvidia G310 spotted, just a renamed G210

Nvidia scams consumers again

Nvidia world iconNVIDIA IS RENAMING parts once again. Now the 200 series is the 300 series, just like we told you months ago. Nvidia has no new parts and no chance of coming up with any soon, so all it can do is unethically try to snow consumers.

If you recall, the roadmaps we showed you in August had the G210 magically becoming the G310 with the addition of DDR3. If you look at this HP page (originally found at Beyond 3D), you can see that there is a G310, but it doesn’t appear to have DDR3 yet. This card has literally nothing new. It is a complete joke, and an underperforming joke at that. I wonder if there is a problem with the memory controller, or just HP being cheap?

HP G310

The G210 ‘all new’ 310. Were we at war with Eurasia or Eastasia?

In any case, it just validates the roadmaps we were shown, and says that Nvidia has no new products and will not have any for a long time. Instead of making chips, it is renaming parts in the hope that consumers will be dumb enough to not notice they are being taken advantage of.

That said, there is a new GPU on the market, a few weeks after the last launch of the last name for the card. It is 100 better than the older 210 and 15 better than the top of the line GTX295, although it lacks a TX, that might account for something. Go buy 12. When you don’t have parts, spin. Nvidia is spinning so hard it is amazing it hasn’t puked by now. S|A

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