DFI rumored to exit consumer mobos

Industrial to continue on, consumers lose a great maker

DFI LogoIT IS OUR really sad duty to inform you about rumors that DFI will be leaving the consumer motherboard business in January. The company is not going away, and will be refocusing on the industrial PC business.

Our sources say that it is selling off remaining consumer inventory and will not be replenishing it. In a word, this sucks, DFI was one of the most innovative companies out there and always had something cool to show off.

We hear that one of the major causes was that it was a relatively small player in the high end business, and because of that frequently got shafted on allocation. You would think that the chipset vendors would have realized that any firm doing innovative things was worth supporting, but that doesn’t seem to have been the case.

If all this is true, get your DFI boards while you can. Lets hope someone comes in at the last minute and changes things to prevent another Abit. DFI was one of the last interesting small players out there, and if these rumors are true it will be a shame to see it go away.S|A

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