GloFo will fab AMD’s Krishna

What’s with all the rumors lately?

Fusion logoTHERE HAS BEEN a lot of whispering lately about where AMD’s Krishna chip, the 28nm follow on to Ontario/Zacate, will be made. To anyone actually listening to the AMD analyst day conference call last week, the answer is obvious.

Basically, the rumor mill has been active lately with reports of everything from TSMC having that contract to GloFo’s yields being unreasonably low. While the basis for these reports all track back to a single source with an axe to grind, that doesn’t stop the sounding board of hollow ‘news’ sites from picking up a ball and running with it, even if they didn’t do the barest minimum fact checking.

The short story is that at the recent financial analyst day, Chekib Akrout, Senior VP, Technology group, came out and said exactly where it was going to be fabbed. Chekib said that Krishna was going to be fabbed on a gate first process. If you have a clue about tech, that would immediately narrow it down to one player, GloFo, since they are the only foundry to use 28nm gate first technology. You can work out the rest.

The people spreading these rumors seem to be unable to grasp the basics of process technology, and don’t make the minimum phone calls to check up. It makes you wonder why they are being so vocal about the topic, and who is signing the paychecks?S|A

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