Ivy Bridge server code names leak

Ivy Bridge-EX is has interesting positioning

Xeon LogoTHE IVY BRIDGE server code names are starting to leak out of Intel central at long last. This one is a high end server part with some interesting connotations.

The name is Brickland, and it is the platform for Ivy Bridge-EX. Intel lists it as a chip intended for the burgeoning “2, 4-8S+” category also known as “Data Demanding Enterprise”. Not much more is said, but it’s arrival will push Romley (Sandy Bridge-EX/Socket-R) to the ghetto of 4S Blades and HPC. Nothing like subdividing a niche for fun and profit, eh? OK, maybe not for fun.

Not much more has been said about Brickland, but it will likely have more cores than the 10 cores that Westmere-EX sports, and be shatteringly expensive. While that may not sound all that appealing, it will be very fast, and offer more cores than most enterprises know what to do with. This is also where the one big surprise from Ivy will likely make it’s server debut, but that is unconfirmed for now. More when we get it, or when we feel like writing it up.S|A

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