VIA confirms it left BAPCO

Plus, plagiarism in tech journalism

BAPCO logoVIA just confirmed that it left BAPCO in a letter reprinted below. This confirms our exclusive news from Monday that Nvidia, AMD, and VIA left BAPCO over their complete gaming of SYSmark 2012 by Intel.

Not much more to say, other than we are stunned by the sheer amount of plagiarism in the industry. I wonder where The Inquirer’s Lawrence Latif got the info for this, PC Tech and Authority’s John Gillooly got the info for this, and IT ProPortal’s uncredited version found this out? Actually, it is my sad duty to report that The Inq went above and beyond the call of duty, there was a comment that linked us, but it is now gone. Low blow people, anyone got a screenshot of that?  In case anyone wonders why I left The Inquirer, their sinking ethics was a large portion of it.

In any case, the leeches out there might want to read this, plagiarism is just that, and any site with professional editors should know better. It is sad how low the industry has sunk. Again. Grow a pair guys, or better yet, get some sources and actually do the job you pretend to do.

On the up side, I would like to congratulate the good guys out there who either stuck to what they could get without theft, or credited properly. Those would be, but are not limited to, Anandtech, Engadget, PCPerspective, Tech Report, Legit Reviews, Thinq_, and many many more. Feel free to add to the list, good and bad, below. Make sure you take screen shots.

Anyway, back to the story at hand, the VIA statement, it was sent to SemiAccurate a few minutes ago. Despite repeated requests, Nvidia won’t officially comment to anyone other than Anandtech, anyway, this makes all three waved fingers official. Enjoy, and told you.S|A

<Begin VIA letter>

VIA today confirmed reports that we have tendered our resignation to BAPCo. We strongly believe that the benchmarking applications tests developed for SYSmark 2012 and EEcoMark 2.0 do not accurately reflect real world PC usage
scenarios and workloads and therefore feel we can no longer remain as a member of the organization.

We hope that the industry can adopt a much more open and transparent process for developing fair and objective benchmarks that accurately measure real world PC performance and are committed to working with companies that share our vision.

<End VIA letter>

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