AMD shows off SeaMicro Opteron

AFDS 2012: Server on a stick Mark III

AMD is showing off the first SeaMicro based Opteron system. It took 9 weeks to make them, ironically something SemiAccurate told you about it 10 weeks ago.

Opteron based SeaMicro board

Opteron on a stick

Please note, the SeaMicro card that Andrew Feldman held up during AFDS is not the Trinity part we told you about earlier, that is still a work in progress. This one is an 8-core 4-channel memory based Bulldozer Opteron. If you are thinking that part doesn’t exist, you would be right, but it will soon. It may never make the price lists though.

Other than that, not much more to add, other than the SATA port there is simply for debug purposes. It may be a tired refrain, but we told you this would be happening, and it did. It will be followed up by APU variants of Opterons, quite likely a 2x 17W Trinity board. That is where the cool stuff starts, high density GPU compute machines are what many HPC customers have wanted for a long time. Let the fun begin.S|A

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