AMD Confirms Wii U Design Win

Just as we thought…

AMD - logoToday on its Game Blog, AMD released a short blog post confirming that it is supplying the GPU for the Wii U. Here at S|A we’ve been hearing for a few years now that all of the next-gen consoles are AMD GPU based. So it comes as no surprise to see AMD’s blog congratulating Nintendo on announcing the Launch dates of the Wii U.

“As excited as Nintendo may be about this launch, AMD is equally excited to be a proud technology partner and supplier of the GPU technology for the Wii U. This partnership is another example of AMD’s graphics leadership and innovation, enabling the most dynamic, immersive gaming experiences regardless of platform.” – Kristen Lisa, AMD Game Blog

For everyone that has been paying attention to the next-gen console wars, the Wii U is set to launch on November 18th in the US. Nintendo has once again produced the weakest console of the batch in terms of raw hardware performance. And the jury is still out on how the Wii U will fair, but Nintendo desperately needs a boost as its stock price as it has lost almost a quarter of its value in the last year.S|A

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