AMD’s Vishera pops up at etailers

Some questions answered, others not

AMD - logoIt looks like AMD’s Vishera CPU is popping up at several retailers a bit early. Poking around a bit gives a good idea of what to expect and when.

Thanks to reader Randy for the tip, we grabbed a screenshot from a large online store and wiped their info to shield them from annoyed phone calls. As you can see from the stats, there are at least four models released initially, and the prices range from $131-253.

AMD Vishera etailer listing

The listings speak for themselves

Clicking on the listings, some are shown as shipping on October 27, others on October 30, and none are in stock now. This leads us to believe that it is not going to be launched officially until at least the 27th, but that is a Saturday. Whatever comes out, we will know within three weeks.S|A

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