Amkor’s FCmBGA packaging

LSI AIS 2012: Wire bond package + Flip Chip die = FCmBGA

Amkor lofoAmkor was showing off a package type I hadn’t seen before called FCmBGA at LSI’s AIS. This Flip Chip Molded BGA technique isn’t exactly new, but it is interesting.

The idea is simple, take a normal Flip Chip (FC) package and instead of putting underfill under the die, use that grey plastic molding compound you normally find in wire bond packages. You don’t stop there though, extend the compound out to the edges of the substrate at a height roughly even with the exposed die. It looks like an old school chip with the top machined off as a demo, like this.

Amkor FCmBGA package

Amkor FCmBGA package

The idea is simple enough, you get the benefits of flip chips, an exposed die, and a mechanically stable platform around it. You also don’t need underfill, the molding compound does all that and more according to Amkor, and we all know why that is a good thing. Other than that, not much more to note, it is just something we found interesting. You can read all the details at Amkor’s page here.S|A



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