AMD Renames its Developer Summit to APU13

Goodbye Fusion, Hello APU

AMD - logoYesterday, AMD announced that it was changing the name of its annual developer event from the AMD Fusion Developer Summit to the AMD Developer Summit. With the removal of the word Fusion it appears that AMD is both making the title of this event shorter and moving past the marketing mantra of AMD’s former leadership, “The Future is Fusion“.

AMD also announced that, unlike the previous acronym ADFS12, this year’s developer summit will hence forth be referred to as APU13. Which is a bit of an odd choice considering the fact that none of the words in AMD’s new event title begin with a ‘P’ or a ‘U’. But it seems that AMD has chosen a hash-tag that better reflects the purpose of the event which is to discuss and promote AMD’s APUs.


Judging by the agenda that AMD’s posted, everyday at this year’s summit will begin and end with a keynote. The sessions at last year’s event were packed with information about AMD’s new software development tools like CodeXL and the APP SDK. There were also presentations from game developers on software based tessellation and direct compute implementations. AMD’s developer summits are really a modern wonderland of upcoming technologies and ideas.

It’s worth noting that registration for this event will begin next month and new presentation proposals will not be accepted after May 10th. So if you’re working on a presentation, now is the time to get it into AMD.

We’re looking forward to APU13 as AMD’s developer summits have been consistently well executed events in past years. So say goodbye to AFDS and say hello to APU.S|A

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