AMD Goes All Out to Win with FirePro

And is now using the same strategy as your local drug dealer…

AMD FirePro Promotion

Today AMD announced a promotion via email where buyers can get a rebate of up to fifty percent of the purchase price of a FirePro GPU. AMD recently launched FirePro W9100 comes with a massive $1995 cash back rebate, the W8000 gets an $800 rebate, and the W7000 comes with a $450 rebate. For compute applications the FirePro S9000 has a $1250 rebate and the S7000 has a $715 rebate. If you were on the fence about picking up one of AMD’s FirePro GPUs now is the time.

AMD FirePro Promotion Rebates

AMD FirePro Promotion Rebates Compute

To take advantage of this promotion you have to register and get a code from AMD then buy a FirePro GPU from an approved retailer and the claim your rebate from AMD. Again this promoting is good for up to a 50 percent rebate on your first purchase of a high-end FirePro GPU.

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AMD’s FirePro group has been doing well the last few quarters and with aggressive sales tactics like this promotion it’s easy to see why more people are embracing AMD professional GPUs. If this doesn’t convince a boat load of people to start using AMD’s FirePro GPUs than pretty much nothing short of giving them away will. That said I’m sure AMD’s sale group has consider that option too. But there should be no doubt that AMD’s betting that once users get a little taste of the power behind AMD’s FirePro hardware and the quality of the ecosystem surrounding these products that they’ll be hooked.S|A

Editor’s note:  We wonder what this will do for their ASPs as AMD does not have a great deal of spare cash lying about.


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