AMD Launches The A8-7670K APU

Another APU enters the entry level market

APU 7670K specsToday AMD is launching the A8-7670K, a midrange APU, to slot in between the A10-7850K and the A8-7650K. With a top boost clock of 3.9 Ghz and base clock of 3.6 Ghz the A8-7670K is marginally slower than the A10-7850K and marginally faster than the A8-7650K. It also a full 4 MBs of cache, but it’s down two GPU cores with 6 total CUs at a clock speed of 757 Mhz. AMD’s internal benchmarks position the A8-7670K to take on Intel’s Core i3-4160 a chip that is more or less seems to trade blows with. As far as pricing goes the A8-7670K slots in at the $118 price point which puts it in direct competition with the Pentium and Core i3 chips AMD is comparing it against.

APU 7670K mobo

More interestingly AMD is highlighting the fact that OEMs are now selling socket FM2+ motherboards based on the 68H chipset for about ~$50s. So for about $200 for the core components (Mobo + CPU + RAM) you can put together a reasonably powerful light-duty PC.

APU 7670K benches

All in all, the A8-7670K is a nice if rather unremarkable addition to AMD’s APU lineup. If you’re in the market for a cheap desktop, then this APU looks like an option worth considering.S|A

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