Shuttle has two interesting SFF offerings

Computex 2016: Still around and still making small PCs

Shuttle LogoShuttle was showing off two interesting PCs at Computex, one old and one new. SemiAccurate has long-held a soft spot for the company, and is happy to see they are still around and making interesting little boxes.

The first one from the venerable PC maker is the Shuttle SZ170R8, a Skylake based system in the form of a, well, Shuttle box. Yes the old shoebox of more compute resources than you would expect is back or as the case may be, still here. Although it may look like the same old black box with a few more windows than the old one, this time it packs a new trick.

Shuttle SZ170R8 video wall shoebox

There are 12 monitors on this shoebox

The tick comes by way of Matrox and their ATI based multi-monitor cards. In this case, literally but pun also intended, the little SZ170R8 is powering a video wall of 12 monitors just above it. All from this little shoebox, good luck doing that with the modern abjectly stupid forms factors. Shuttle’s form factor still has the space for a full power CPU, a full length GPU or two, real memory capacity, and the PSU to drive it all. Sure you can go smaller but you can’t go smaller and still have real functionality despite what some PR flacks say.

Shuttle SFFBW03 VESA mount PC with ODD

External DVD drive with computer too

Next up is one of those ‘too small’ form factors in the Shuttle SFFBW03, but this one doesn’t claim to be a full-blown gaming PC or other such nonsense. This form factor is a Broadwell based mini-PC with eMMC storage and an optical drive. The last bit is what differentiates it from the slew of VESA mount PCs out there, if you are going to have a media center PC or digital signage box, a DVD/BD drive is mighty useful. Other than that not much, just two handy little boxes from the company that brought you the Shuttle box form factor.S|A

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