A few more details on AMD’s Zen SoC

All the specs that are known at the current time

AMD Zen LogoSo what are the specs for AMD’s upcoming Zen based SoCs, specifically Raven Ridge? SemiAccurate can bring you most of the goodies but given the launch window some things are a bit fuzzy.

You might recall at Computex AMD was showing their presentations and the Zen video itself on a Zen based system. This was a bit self-referential but they broke that trend when they showed it running the new Doom a few days later at E3. In short this part is nearly ready, runs publicly, and if it can run Doom tolerably, should be a pretty good all around consumer part. Assuming the specs are solid. Luckily you can now decide that for yourself.

(Note: Fudo got this first but missed a few details. Also his Horned Owl/Great Horned Owl code names and timetables are for the embedded/server versions)

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