….And SemiAccurate is back up

Apologies for the downtime

SemiAccurate logoOk, Semiccurate is back up hopefully for good. It took a lot longer than I had hoped to restore things because early on we took the hard path to get everything possible back rather than some of it quickly. In the end we were successful, as far as we are aware the entire story archive is back up and the forums have been restored with less than one day of posts missing. All logins, accounts, and subscriptions should be fully restored too.

We think.

This is where you come in, and we would appreciate any help you can give us at this point. If you see anything amiss, anything not working, or something out of place, please email charlie at semiaccurate dot com ASAP. The sooner we can nail down any problems, the easier it will be. Thanks in advance.

As for stories, there are a lot in the pipe from Hot Chips 28 and other sources coming soon. I plan on getting a lot of rest then back at it. Pre-emptively speaking, enjoy.


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Charlie Demerjian

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