Western Digital’s new SSD portend a lot

Low end SSDs to staunch bleeding in magnetic storage

wdWestern Digital is portending the future of storage with two new SSDs, Green and Blue. It may sound like a minor blip but SemiAccurate thinks it is quite telling about where things are headed.

There are officially two lines to the new drives, the Blue is a higher-end 256GB-1TB line with higher performance, 545MBps sequential read and 525MBps write are claimed with an endurance of up to 400TBW. Green is the lower-end drive line rated at 540MBps read and 405MBps write along with an endurance of 80TBW. It comes in 120 and 240GB capacities.

Blue is a decent drive, obviously limited by the SATA bus as most drives are nowadays while the Green an OEM special with a consumer sticker on it. Neither will set the world on fire with technical specs, they are just solid working drives that get the job done. The high-end Blue has an MSRP of $299 for the 1TB model and a mere $79 for the 256GB, Green is notably below that. As you can tell these are volume parts, not enthusiast number chasers.

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