AMD Offers its ReLive Tool to the Pros

Using Desktop Video Capture to Record Pro Workflows…

Radeon Pro Software Enterprise 17Q1

Last Friday AMD released its second professional GPU driver dubbed Enterprise Driver 17.Q1 which as the name implies is now on a quarterly release cadence. There are basically two headlining features in this driver one of which is improved stability and performance and the other being the inclusion of AMD’s ReLive video recording tool.

Thanks to AMD’s increasingly rigorous driver testing scheme the company reports that its 17.Q1 driver received twice as much testing on OEM platforms, 3x more testing in support of ISV certifications, and fifty percent more stress testing that its legacy FirePro drivers. More testing is never bad and given the quarterly release schedule it’s nice to hear that AMD’s making good use of that time.



Professional-Grade Screen Capture

The ReLive tool rolled out to AMD’s consumer products in November of last year and now it’s finally reaching the Pros. AMD’s pitching ReLive as a low to no cost tool for capturing high quality recordings of professional workflows. Anyone that’s used the conceptually similar screen capture feature integrated into the OS X version of QuickTime can attest to how useful this can be for presentations and bug hunting at work.

AMD published a blog post espousing the benefits of high quality, low-cost screen capture in work environments. Outside of discussing the intended use cases for ReLive the main benefit to users is that AMD’s tool offers drastically better performance than competing solutions like TechSmith’s Camtasia. Strangely missing was a comparison to Microsoft’s desktop recording tool which rolled out to Windows 10 users as part of the Xbox app in mid-2015.

Once again AMD is also highlighting its 24/7 support for Radeon Pro WX owners. If you’re in the US and need help the #’s 866-284-2093. AMD’s next Pro driver is scheduled to drop on April 27th so remember to mark your calendars.S|A

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