A second megadatacenter goes heavily to ARM CPUs

Microsoft was the first, now a bigger customer defects

ARM logoSo Microsoft is committing to 50%+ ARM servers in its datacenters, but who else is buying them? SemiAccurate can add at least one huge name to that list today.

If you doubt Microsoft’s commitment to ARM servers, we told you about the Qualcomm tie up last week, and others are reporting Cavium is in the mix as well, something SemiAccurate has known for a while. More importantly Microsoft has committed to dumping Intel from over half their nodes, directly, check out the top slide here for more.

Microsoft may be a minor player in the Super 7+1 but they are still huge as a customer, think on the order of tens of thousands of servers a month which were half Intel. Actually they are 100% Intel at the moment but over the next year or two, that number should rapidly diminish. Don’t expect it to show up on the Intel marketshare numbers though, go and read the fine print on the analyst reports to understand why. Luckily for the ARM squad, they are far from the only one jumping ship.

So who else is on board? Time to out one major name.

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