Intel should not launch Ice Lake-SP

Low yields and a regression at most thing

Intel LogoLast week we told you about the clocks for Ice Lake-SP, now lets take a deeper look at how well it will perform. SemiAccurate has a few more data points to add, and the numbers paint a clear picture of Ice Lake-SP’s performance.

OK lets get this out in the open right away, Intel’s Ice Lake-SP CPU is a dog, it loses at just about everything but a few benchmarks that heavily use it’s already deprecated AI instructions. For anything real world it is badly outclassed by both AMD’s and Intel’s own offerings, at times by multiples not percentages. Intel should simply not launch it, the damage it will do to their reputation, customer relations, and investor confidence far outweigh the meager marketing halo they will attempt to grab.

Lets take a detailed look at the results. How does Ice fare in absolute performance? On power use? Performance per Watt (PPW)? Single threaded performance? Against Intel’s 14nm products? Against AMD’s Rome? Against AMD’s upcoming Milan? We can answer some of these with direct data and others with a little more anecdotal evidence. In any case a clear picture emerges and it is woeful for Intel’s chances in servers for the next two years.

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