Codeplay joins the RISC-V foundation

NSITEXE, KMC, NEDO, SYCL, OpenCL, and more acronyms!

Codeplay LogoCodeplay is joining the RISC-V foundation and bringing their tools to the platform along for compiling and AI. SemiAccurate thinks the addition of high quality OpenCL and SYCL tools will be a boon for the architecture.

Codeplay joined the RISC-V foundation because their tools are being ported to the RISC-V architecture with NSITEXE and Kyoto Microcomputer Co, LTD using a grant from Japan’s NEDO. This is another grass roots research development that is starting on RISC-V and bringing a lot of tools with it. As we said years ago, how the ecosystem fills out will determine the fate of RISC-V and the addition of Codeplay and their tools is a big chunk filled in.S|A

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