What is Intel’s Emerald Rapids CPU?

Time to shed some light on this one

Intel LogoThere hasn’t been much said recently about Intel’s Emerald Rapids, time to change that. Here is a bit on what SemiAccurate knows about this upcoming server CPU.

As you all know, Sapphire Rapids has been delayed several times, the latest one putting volume delivery of the part 1Q before it’s successor, Emerald Rapids, was due. Intel has been saying that Emerald (EMR) will come out ~4Q after Sapphire (SPR), +/-1Q depending on who is talking and when. To the best of our knowledge, that is still the case although none of the usual sources have any real idea when it will ship. Depending on what Intel officially calls a launch, EMR could still launch in late 2023. Lets just say things are likely to change before parts hit the streets for real.

With that out of the way, there has been precious little made public about what EMR actually is. Lets rectify that now.

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