Terracotta army has good memory

Hordes of USB sticks at Computex

THERE IS NOTHING new under the sun when it comes to USB memory sticks in odd looking cases, but every once in a while some company does something silly that grabs your attention. This time it was Supertalent and their terracotta warriors.

 Terracotta usb warriors

An army of rubber terracotta sticks

OK, there is nothing new about making terracotta warrior memory sticks, Kingston had some last year. I have yet to see an army of them arranged like the real thing though. Nothing hugely technical, nothing amazingly innovative, just fun stuff for no good reason.

All we need now is for SuperTalent to make green plastic army men USB sticks, and you can have the whole office playing childish games. What more do you want from your IT equipment dollars?S|A

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