ATI to have 4 DX11 cards in October

Nvidia to have nothing but hot air

A LOT OF people don’t understand the train that is heading at Nvidia this fall, most pundits think that the red locomotive only has Cypress trees on it. They would be wrong, there are not one but at least four cards coming in October, possibly a bit before.

Windows 7, aka Me II Sp7, will be greeted by a line of ATI cards ranging from top to low middle. If you thought ATI had only one chip back from the fabs, well, you would be wrong. If you are looking for DX11 cards this fall, you will have a full range to choose from, but they all will have red logos on them.

Contrary to popular fantasies, the Nvidia GT300 GPU has not taped out, but the preparations to do so have started, so think July 1 if all goes well. A little math says that they can’t have production parts out before mid-November, assuming they don’t need a single respin. That is uheard of, so think February for a green response, at the very least, press stunts aside.

If you know the time frame for how OEMs place sales orders, and how retailers buy, this means Nvidia is basically not an option on retail for any Sp7 boxes, Christmas, and probably for most back to school sales as well. In the mean time, contrary to the curious tales spun at their analyst days, the flow of Nvidia 40nm wafers through TSMC are described as a trickle. A low yielding trickle.

If you are wondering about the laughable performance at Computex from the Nvidia top brass, and their total dodge on questions about future products since then, now you know why. When you don’t have products, spin. Four cards vs zero cards, if you are dealing with checklist marketing, there are some things you can’t buy with green.S|A

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