Battery life claims become a class action

First step, look for anyone with a laptop

IT LOOKS LIKE the killer attack lawyers are circling the big OEMs, the scent of payola in the air. If you have been following the whole battery life tiff in the news, you will not be surprised that the affair is about to become a class action.

Yes, the first stages of a class action are being signaled by a firm called Girard Gibbs, LLP, you can read about it all here. The short story goes like this, Girard is looking for someone who bought a laptop and is disappointed with it’s battery life. Fertile field there, shooting fish in a barrel with a howitzer. If the Girard Gibbs crew finds someone who is satisfied, they will probably ride into the office on a unicorn.

In any case, this is once again going to be fun to watch. When the OEM reps are questioned about battery life, and someone asks them to demonstrate how that laptop can get 9 hours of life doing anything useful with the screen at a readable brightness, game over. If I were HP, Dell, IBM and the rest, I would be looking to settle now.

Battery life claims are the biggest and most scandalous metric in the computer industry right now. The companies won’t change on their own, so for once, I see the rapacious exploitation of the legal system forcing a good thing on a sector that refuses to do right. Warm up the PDF readers and make some popcorn, this is going to be a lawsuit aimed straight at the headlines.S|A

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