G.Skill releases DDR3 2200 CAS7 Memory

Can do 2000+ with CAS6 and 1.65V for $199

Gskill logoG.SKILL’S LATEST AND GREATESTT memory kit, the F3-17600CL7D-4GBPIS, comes specified at an impressive 2200Mhz CAS7, and even more impressive is that it only needs 1.65V to get there.

The fastest DDR3 kits so far are based on Elpida Hyper and come rated with up to 2000Mhz speeds with 7-8-7 timings and running at 1.65V, such as the infamous Corsair Dominator GT in sexy black and red. G.Skill’s new kit is binned to 2200Mhz, a clean 10% higher, with 7-10-10 timings and running at the very same 1.65V. This is very impressive despite tRCD and tRP being that high, and according to some early test results from hiwa, pt1t and various other experts at XtremeSystems, the kit can run close to 2300Mhz with stock voltage and 7-9-7 timings and an even more impressive 2100 6-9-6, again running at only 1.65V.

Elpida announced recently that it is moving to 40nm, but we have a strong feeling this kit is actually still based on the same 50nm chips used in the 2000 7-8-7 kits. It’s just binned better, a lot better. We can only guess how much extra pixie dust it took Elpida to get close to a 10% performance boost out of its top bin.

As usual for G.Skill memory, it comes at very tempting prices. Newegg offers it for only 199$, which is an excellent price, even moreso if you consider that there is a clip-on blue LED fan bundled with the kit. The kit is obviously targeted at 1156 systems, but it should run very well on AMD and older Intel platforms as well. Just don’t expect the same clocks and timings – it might work, but G.Skill will only shrug if you tell it that it doesn’t.

G.Skill tested this kit on various 1156 boards out there, and here is a list:

ASUS Maximus III Formula

ASUS Maximus III Gene


ASUS P7P55D Premium

ASUS P7P55D Deluxe

EVGA P55 Classified 200

EVGA P55 FTW 200


MSI P55-GD80

For some pictures and results check out Hiwa’s thread at XtremeSystems.S|A

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