Kingston to show off water cooled memory at CES

Triple channel kits likely

WE DON’T HAVE any specific details as to what speed these new water cooled DDR3 HyperX memory modules from Kingston will run at, but judging by the picture posted on twitpic, Kingston will offer them in triple channel kits for the X58 platform. Unlike similar products from its competitors, it seems like Kingston has come up with a very low profile design for its water cooled modules.

We should be getting more details on these new HyperX modules as soon as CES kicks off later this week, but judging by the thermal image that Kingston also posted on twtipic it looks like these modules will be running very cool. The water cooled part doesn’t appear to hit much more than about 25 degrees C. The only problem we can see is that only half the module appears to be cooled by the heatsink that is connected to the water cooling setup.

Kingston has a bit of a hit and miss reputation when it comes to high-end overclocking memory, although there’s no denying that Kingston does have a pretty solid track record. The water cooled modules appear to have one of the best implementations we’ve seen so far when it comes to water cooling memory modules. However, the market for this type of modules is tiny and we’d expect Kingston to charge a hefty premium for the new heatsink.S|A

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