Crucial is offering SATA3

And some other stuff

LEXAR MEDIA, the guys who make the Crucial line of memory, will have the Crucial Real SSD C300 coming out very soon and they expect it to claim the crown of the fastest solid state drive out there. SATA3 is what they expect will help them achieve their goal. A claimed 355 MB/s is the expected speed and you should be looking for it within the next month.

In the meantime flashing LEDs have been added to the top channel of the memory itself. They flash back and forth in series so if you’re really tired they can be mesmerizing. The goal of these lights is to make visual the memory usage within your box. The faster the lights, the harder the memory is being hit. The slower, well, you get the picture. What is interesting is that you might see some surprising information about what programs use memory, some unexpected ones there for the noobs. Lexar is shipping a version of their Ballistic line with a temperature sensor inside of the memory at the end of February and that will allow the owner to see actual real-time temperatures within the memory module.

A prototype of active cooling for Crucial’s memory is shipping in the next 1-2 months.

Lexar Media is offering two other items that don’t just disappear into the background of flash memory and readers. The first is the Lexar Echo ZE Backup Drive. The idea here is that it’s barely larger than the USB 2.0 connector itself. It offers secure backup protection and is low profile enough that you can set it to periodically back up important files and leave it in your USB port even if you are carrying a laptop about because the profile is so low. This is available in 8GB and 16GB varieties.

No word on when USB3 will be available from Lexar Media. This worries S|A as we saw literally a sea of Gigabyte boards with USB 3.0 standard on all of them. For more on the boards and compatible devices look here.

Last, really a footnote, is their Image Rescue 4 software. Running on Windows and Mac – flavors not confirmed – this will allow you to recover lost or deleted picture or video files saved upon any type or brand of flash memory. Really, this strikes us as useful for your brother, sister, or mother that keeps deleting pictures they wished to keep.S|A

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