AMD gaming memory contest

Need 16GB DDR3-2133?

AMD Memory LogoWe’ve been given the opportunity to give away two 16GB AMD DDR3-2133 kits to hand out in a contest. They are pictured below for your viewing pleasure, closer inspection available upon winning. To enter the contest you can either submit your entry by email to copper at semiaccurate dot com subject: AMD memory contest entry, or if you are  forum member you can submit your entry to the contest forum thread here.

All email entries will be posted to the forum for reader comment and judging. The top two entries will win one of these fabulous prizes:

amd gaming memory pack

To enter you must answer the following question, “Why do you need more than 16GB of memory in a desktop system?”

The entry deadline 12.01 CST May 25, 2013. All answers will be judged by SemiAccurate’s crack and hopefully sober editors, friends, and other people who don’t run away fast enough. We reserve the right to be arbitrary and not explain anything about why we picked an entry over another, or anything else for that matter. This contest is intended to be fun, interesting, and hopefully a bit educational. Have fun.S|A

Contest is without warranty or representation, it’s a sealed package from AMD.  By entering you warrant and represent that you will be responsible for any legal obligation in your jurisdiction in regards to contest entries and winnings and legal restrictions upon entering said contests.  By entering you release copyright to your entry to Stone Arch Networking, Inc. for purposes of publishing the winning entries on


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