AMD to show Fusion tomorrow

Computex 2010: CPU + GPU = Fusion

AMD Fusion LogoA YEAR AGO, AMD showed off the first Evergreen part, it was a Juniper wafer and a card behind the scenes. Tomorrow morning, Taiwan time, a few birds told us that AMD will be showing off Fusion silicon.

Word is that AMD will be showing off one of their Fusion chips, which narrows it down to Llano or Ontario. Both are potentially coming this year, so either one is possible. Ontario combines Evergreen shaders and a Bobcat core, Llano adds Evergreen to a 32nm Shanghai derivative. Exactly what AMD will demo tomorrow is anyone’s guess, but at least you know what is officially going to be shown at the keynote tomorrow. Llano and Ontario are going to be game changers, so keep a close eye on what is said tomorrow.S|A

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