EVGA’s motherboard team leaves unexpectedly

Will cause long term issues

WE HAVE IT on very good authority; in fact we heard it from the horse’s mouth so to say, that EVGA has run into a bit of a problem, as its motherboard team has decided to depart. This is not good news when you’re a company that design your own motherboards, especially when you consider how few motherboard design companies that are left standing today..

We don’t know the exact reason as to why the motherboard team left, as the member of staff that told us that they had left didn’t tell us any specific details. He did however say that it wouldn’t impact the company for the time being, but long term issues are likely to arise unless they can find a new motherboard design team.

It might sound strange that a whole unit at a company upped and left, but this is not at all unusual in Taiwan where many engineers will follow their team leader when he leaves a company. We’ve had the story confirmed by a third party and we were also told that some of the motherboard product managers have also left. Product managers aren’t always part of the design team, as they tend to be in the marketing department.

We will try to make some careful enquiries into where the EVGA motherboard team might’ve gone, although we can’t think of any immediate company that they would’ve gone to. The good news is that EVGA’s in-house overclocker Shamino is still with the company, so if a new motherboard team can be found, they should continue to produce high-end overclocking motherboards.S|A

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