MSI readying at least three GTX460 cards

1GB, 768MB and Overclocked versions

SO FAR WE’VE seen details of GTX460 cards from Asus and Gigabyte and it now looks like MSI has managed to release some details ahead of the expected launch on Monday. We’ve also managed to dig out a couple of pictures of MSI’s upcoming GTX460 cards, although in all fairness, they don’t look all that different from each other.

All three cards that we’re aware of use MSI’s Cyclone cooler and this suggests that Nvidia’s partners are free to kit the GTX460 cards with whatever cooler they see fit. MSI looks set to have two stock versions, one 768MB model and a 1GB model, but there will be at least one overclocked 768MB model on offer as well. So far we haven’t manage to find any details of an overclocked 1GB version, but we’d expect MSI to launch one at some stage.

Details of the overclocked model were posted earlier at Expreview, but were later removed, although the specs and a couple of pictures can be found over at Xtremsystems. What we know about this card is that it will be clocked slightly faster with a core clock of 725MHz and a shader clock of 1450MHz. The memory seems to have been left at the stock 3.6GHz.

In addition to that, we managed to dig up a couple of pictures of the cards and retail boxes. As you can see from the pictures, MSI claims that its Cyclone cooler is 15.7 percent quieter than Nvidia’s stock cooler. Interestingly, these cards also appear to feature Voltage adjustment which should be good news for serious overclockers. Sadly that’s all there is for now in terms of details on these cards, but we’d expect them to sell for close to the MSRP pricing at launch.S|A

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