AMD considering its own USB 3.0 implementation

Licensing from Renesas

ACCORDING TO Digitimes, AMD is getting ready to sign a deal with Renesas that will give AMD access to Renesas USB 3.0 implementation. This would allow AMD to quickly implement a stable USB 3.0 solution into its chipsets without having to spend time and money on developing its own solution and more importantly, software stack.

We’re hearing reports of Renesas competitors having problems with their software stacks and this is why we’re still waiting for all but Fresco Logic to get their products approved by the USBIF. If this rumour proves to be true, then it means that AMD has had enough of Intel’s silly game and decided to move forward without the blessing of Intel’s xHCI spec.

Digitimes claim that the first chipset from AMD to incorporate USB 3.0 support should be the Hudson D1 southbridge which is meant to go with AMD’s upcoming Ontario APUs which are set to launch sometime in the fourth quarter. This also means that we’ll see USB 3.0 from AMD on its notebook platform first, rather than its desktop platform which is usually the case for new technologies like this.

We’re starting to wonder how much Intel’s xHCI spec really matters, especially as Intel is in no hurry to launch its own USB 3.0 supporting chipset. NEC must also be kicking itself for selling off the NEC Electronics division to Renesas, as from what we’ve been told, NEC only expected USB 3.0 to be profitable for about six months or so before it got integrated into chipsets. Now it looks like this time period might well extend over two years or longer when it comes to Intel chipsets, as we have yet to hear or see anything that suggests that Intel will add USB 3.0 support to its chipsets over the next twelve months.S|A

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