Intel pulls in Z68 launch date

Same chip, different fuse, more money

Intel LogoIt looks like Intel (INTC) is pulling the launch of the ‘all new’ Z68 chipset. It is now set for between 3-4 weeks from now, between May 8 and May 14.

The P67 with one less fuse blown, or the H67 with one less different fuse blown, is being given the nebulous dates to avoid leaks, so don’t tell anyone. Normally, Intel launches things like this on a Sunday or Monday, so the 8th or 9th are the likely dates. We won’t bore you by naming the other 12 variants, so far, with ‘one less fuse blown’ after it, just look here if you are fascinated by that kind of thing.

We won’t bore you with how Intel is screwing the enthusiast community by forcing them to choose GPUs (H67) or crippled ‘overclocking’ (P67) if they want a Sandy Bridge, and then removing the artificial distinction once the initial sales are made. Time to buy again if you want the ‘new’ features, you get the same chip, but you pay more this time. At least you are no longer denied access to “Smart Response” when you re-buy the same chip again.S|A

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