Intel marketeers at it again with “Smart Response”

Disk caching, now with added dumb name

Intel LogoThose crazy marketers at Intel (INTC) are at it again, this time with a new name for Z68’s SSD disk caching. If you don’t have a clue about tech, then Smart Response sounds rather nifty, doesn’t it?

The short story is that the upcoming Z68 chipset, the same part as every other Sandy Bridge chipset, just with less fused off, will not have the SSD cache functions fused off too! Wow, Intel will take away less from the chip, and sell it to you for more, the name “Smart Response” comes for free. The intact fuse will probably be expensive though, even if it actually costs Intel less to not blow it.

While we are not sure how the words Smart or Response relate to disk caching, it is far from the most offensive name out there. Compared to the iSomethingmeaningless schema, Smart Response is nearly inoffensive. Who cares if it just serves to confuse the consumer and not tell them what they are actually getting, this is marketing! Buy 12!. Smart Response, AMD doesn’t have that! Shoot me.S|A

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Charlie Demerjian

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