AMD Ups the Ante in Embedded Graphics

35W of power gives you half a teraflop

AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) has just released a module for embedded graphics that consists of both a GPU and the associated DRAM.

The module contains a Radeon E6760 coupled with 1 GB of GDDR5. The module delivers 576 GFLOPS, which, according to AMD is an improvement of 40 – 60% over the predecessor.

The idea behind the embedded module is to allow designers of embedded systems to add advanced graphics that support DirectX 11 as well as support for OpenCL – all in a package that consumes less than 35W. OpenCL allows for a standardized programming of the GPU for massively parallel tasks.

The embedded space is often overlooked, but becomes more and more important as focus shift from traditional PCs to slates and smartphones.

Whereas a GPU with a TDP of 35W is most suitable for advanced set top boxes and media centers, it also shows the way for future products that can go into the mobile space, where it will compete with traditional mobile products as those I-solutions sold by for example Vivante and the Mali core that is offered by ARM as well as the usual integrated solutions offered by Intel.

The difference between current product offerings is that AMD provides a discrete, embedded solution, whereas ARM, Intel and Vivante offer less powerful integrated solutions.S|A

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