Aussies create single atom transistor with precise control

smaller, smaller, smaller…

Australian researchers from the University of New South Wales have just had a paper published in Nature Nanotechnology describing how they have achieved the development of a single atom transistor consisting of a phosphorous atom on a silicon substrate.

Two years ago a combined research team including the same researchers and researchers from the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland and University of Melbourne debrided a transistor of similar size, but without the precise control.

The thing that’s unique about the work that we’ve done is that we have, with atomic precision, positioned this single atom within our device.” said Martin Fuechsle from the lab. The level of control is paramount in order to manufacture the other components, including control gates and electrodes.

Even though new discovery of precise control brings manufacturing a step closer we still have a way to go before we can expect to see the first commercial products using this discovery.S|A

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