VIA Launches Lowest Power Quad Core Processor to Date

VIA QuadCore runs at 1.2GHz while consuming a maximum of 27.5W.

With the launch of a quad core x86-compatible processor VIA has done all it can to dispel rumors that it was leaving the x86 market to concentrate on processors from ARM.

VIA QuadCore is essentially 2 dual core processors that are mounted in a common BGA-package that is pin compatible with the dual core version.  QuadCore is set to compete against AMD’s dual core Brazos platform and VIA has published a slew of benchmarks showing that 4 cores @ 1.2GHz are faster than 2 cores running at 1.6GHz.

With VIA QuadCore VIA is now able to supply the world’s lowest power x86-compatible processor with a TDP of only 27.5W.

Via dual and quad core CPUs

Photo courtesy of Scott Wasson,

In the photo above you can see the previous VIA dual core chip compared to the new quad core ditto.

The processor is fabbed on 40nm process technology but unlike processors from AMD and Intel there is not integrated graphics – this part still resides in the accompanying chip set.

VIA QuadCore allows the company to supply processors for a wide range of tablet and notebook solutions. All the way from the cheapest iPad knockoffs sold for less than $100 in the Chinese market to a quad core solution that will compete fiercely with the Brazos platform from AMD.S|A

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