Intel breakthrough on analog CMOS

Research@Intel Day is about to kick off…

It’s June and for those of you following the computing industry you know that Intel is having its yearly Research Day.  This year Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) shows off about 40 different research projects – and we will dig more into them tomorrow after the doors have opened.

However, we thought that you should have a sneak peek at one of the most interesting research projects: 32nm analog CMOS design.

Intel’s processors are manufactured in 32nm digital CMOS, but the analog circuitry is still at the 65nm node, this means that you cannot integrate analog and digital circuitry on the same chip, Intel has now managed to move that analog design to 32nm. This means that RF technology can go on the same chip as the processor and other peripheral functions.

Moving everything onto one chip improves integration and reduces the total manufacturing cost.  Intel is the first company to move analog design beyond the 65nm node an we eagerly await the response from the competition.S|A

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