World’s fastest mobile GPU released, again

Last week it was Nvidia – this week it is AMD…

AMD (NYSE:AMD) has just released the Radeon HD 6990M that, according to the press release, is the world’s fastest mobile graphics processor.

Last week Nvidia released the GeForce GTX 580 and back then it was the fastest in the world. It is interesting to watch the competition between the two and seeing how they keep bashing each other.

Every time you look at press releases the two companies have a tendency to mention how good they are and how bad/slow the products from the competition are.  They have something to learn from – say Intel. When you read an Intel press release – whether you like the company or not – they will never bash the competition, but only talk about their own products.

Well, enough gripe. We guess you also want the specs for the Radeon HD 6990M. And here they are:

It clocks in at 715MHz and is capable of 1.6TFLOPs. The chip contains 1.7 billion transistors and has 1120 stream processors. The memory comprises 2GB GDDR5 256 bit operating at 900MHz with a total bandwidth of 115.2GB/sec.S|A

Press release by email, no public link at this time.

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