Holographic DVD stores 500GB

Moar P0rn, less space, efficiency wins!

Researchers from GE Global Research (NYSE:GE) have managed to squeeze 500GB of data onto a single DVD by using holographic storage. The real news is that they now can do it in a reasonable amount of time – about the same amount of time that it takes to write a DVD.

GE has spent several years doing research in holographic storage and back in 2009 the company demonstrated how to store 500GB on a single disc with the only caveat being that it took extremely long time to write the data – due to the material used.

Photo provided by GE.

Now researchers, according to a blog entry by GE researcher Sumeet Jain has come up with a material that is about 100 times more sensitive allowing the writing to proceed at a much faster speed.

The blog entry does not go into detail about the materials used in the experiments.

There are, however still a number of hurdles to be overcome, before we see a commercial product. These include refinement and miniaturization of electronics and optics –as well as a reliable way of mass producing the material used or the disc itself.S|A

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