China Inc. processor running late

Godson 2H delayed several months

The Godson 2H microprocessor with integrated graphics should already have taped out, but has been delayed by several months.

There aren’t any details available at the moment, but Professor Yunji Chen from Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has confirmed to SemiAccurate that the processor is delayed by several months. So far professor Yunji Chen has not cared to elaborate on the reason for the delay.

Godson 2H is to be manufactured in a 65nm process technology by ST Microelectronics. The processor has a MIPS-compatible instruction set, but the core has been designed from the ground up by ICT. In addition to the CPU core the processor also incorporates integrated graphics and a memory controller.

The Godson series of processors is a very high profile project in China as the processors will be used in diverse types of hardware ranging all the way from educational devices to military equipment since the Chinese military has been told to standardize all their strategic systems on Godson.

In case you get confused over the nomenclature then it is worth remembering the Godson is the academic name for the processor whereas Longson is the commercial name for the processor.S|A

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