China gunning for embedded market

Chinese Academy of Sciences has obtained a license to design embedded MIPS-processors

Longsoon chipWatch out, Intel. The Chinese are gunning for your embedded presence in China – and maybe around the world. Longsoon, the processor that is owned by Chinese Academy of Sciences and the municipality of Beijing, has obtained licenses to design their own embedded processors based on both MIPS32 and MIPS64 architecture, according to a press release issued by MIPS.

Intel has for many years been working on the embedded market in China and has even established Intel Labs China whose main focus is embedded processing.  How much reach they’ve gained in that market is unclear and what they do have may be at risk now.  Longsoon plans to develop processors for such diverse applications as automotive, industrial controls and GPS as well as other mobile devices.

Longsoon is most known for their server processors, but have recently branched into the mobile space with Longsoon 2H that includes both CPU, graphics and a memory controller on the same chip.

Longsoon microprocessors are fabbed by STMicroelectronics in 65nm technology, but Longsoon plans to move directly to 22nm for the next generation of processors. They have yet to decide who will fab those, but it will be either STMicroelectronics or TSMC. Longsoon has a close relationship with STMicroelectronics, but MIPS has an equally close relationship with TSMC.

Intel has been especially bullish on the embedded market in China, but has so far only secured a few design wins.S|A

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