Dell back in the tablet game

Substitutes Google with Baidu and marches on

Last month Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)pulled its Streak 5 Android based tablet from the market in the US and now the same company is ready with a new partnership. This time with Google arch-rival Baidu. Some of you may not know Baidu, but it is the most popular search engine here in China and it will now cooperate with Dell on bringing tablets to the market.

This marks a very interesting turn of events in a market where HP has canned its touchpad and Google has Motorola Mobility to itself become Android handset manufacturer number 39.

Both Baidu and Dell are mum on further details, but many point to the fact that Baidu may have international aspirations. If not, they might as well have chosen a local Chinese manufacturer – and they exist on almost every street corner.

There are absolutely no details available yet on hardware or software, but it can generally be seen as a move away from a market that many feel is dominated to a much too large extent by Google – now also wanting to compete with its own customers.S|A

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