New DIMMs from Micron increases memory capacity

Load Reduced DIMMs allow for more modules off the old memory bus…

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When it comes to servers lower is better. In lower we mean power consumption. Server memory limitations usually result from the load that memory modules put on the memory bus.

To that effect Micron (NASDAQ:MU) has just announced a 64GB module that complements the family of LRDIMM (Load Reduced Dual In-line Memory Module) that currently consists of modules with capacities of 8, 16 and 32GB.

“With leading companies like Micron, it’s exciting to see LRDIMMs become a reality,” said Paul Washkewicz, Vice President of Marketing, Computing and Storage at Inphi Corporation. “For the past two years, we worked with Micron, one of our key partners, in the development of their LRDIMMs using our Isolation Memory Buffer (iMB) technology. Our collaborative effort has enabled a significant increase in memory capacity and performance for DDR3 server systems, which datacenters are anxious to employ.”

According to Micron LRDIMMs coupled with appropriate server virtualization strategies, will maximize infrastructure and optimizes return on investment. For example, utilizing Inphi’s iMB chip in place of a register, Micron’s LRDIMMs reduce current DDR3 server module loads 2X for a dual-rank module and 4X for a quad-rank module.

The new modules from Micron will be especially interesting as we eagerly await new server processors from AMD that have up to 16 cores and therefore can do with massive amounts of memory.S|A

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